Saint Seiya: The Heated Battle of the Gods (1988)

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I’m gonna take a break from tumblr… Tbh I’m not happy and being on this site a lot isn’t healthy… I could be focusing on myself better such as doing my homework or reading a book I really don’t know. All I know is I’m very overwhelmed with my emotions that its effecting me physical and I really do need to get better… I wanna enjoy my life and being on here isn’t working… I plan to see a therapist in a couple of weeks so there’s that. I wanna get off here for a month so maybe I’ll be back in November I guess/hope if not then December. You can unfollow me I don’t care but for any of my friends who wanna keep in contact my Instagram is (( nativeroutes )) and you get my number from there by just asking me for it… Anyways I’ll see you guys later

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Of all the ways they could have setup this season, I think they picked the best possible route. By not showing Korra until the very end of the episode, they really drove home the point that she is no longer the focal point of world events. While no doubt this degradation of her importance is self-imposed, the fact that it’s there in the first place confirms that mentally she is still living three years in the past. While everyone else has seemingly moved on to bigger and better things (minus Mako of course, poor guy), Korra is still running from her feelings of inadequacy and vulnerability. This suppression of old wounds and denial of who she once was has radically altered her character, leaving the audience with a frightening sense of unfamiliarity.
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I’m going to save this gif, because it’ll probably be appropriate for a later post.
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